My name is Simone, and I see my spiritual work as a calling. I share all my knowledge with my clients and tailor my consultations to their specific needs. It brings me great joy to offer new perspectives, promote joy in life, and guide you towards a path of a happier future. My toolbox includes pendulum work, clairvoyance, and the Crowley Tarot cards. By increasing your spiritual vibration and resolving blockages through the wisdom of my Tarot cards, I aim to assist you.


My abilities of clairsentience have been with me since birth, further developed through training as a medium and psychological counselor. As an astrologer, I utilize these skills with the Lemormand, Kipper cards, Angel cards, and Rider-Waite Tarot. Connected with the spiritual realm, I receive personal messages for you, based on your interaction with me, regarding both your present and future life situations. My consultations always delve deep to reveal old, obstructive subconscious patterns that often unknowingly influence your life. I aim to support you empathetically in various areas of life: where you feel unloved, experience sadness, doubt yourself, need to make career decisions, and much more.


The journey is the destination, and on this path, we meet to glance into the future and walk a part of the way together. As a competent life coach and an expert in card reading for love, relationships, and career, I aim to leave no question unanswered. I reach out to those who need to let go of or want to release something in their lives. Sometimes, our thoughts revolve around relationships, issues with bosses, childhood, friends, and much more. My aim is to assist you in letting go and embarking on a wonderful journey together. We'll explore your innermost self, address burdensome topics, and I'll stand by you with energy to gently release your blockages. Through cutting, you can regain inner peace. I hope to bring a smile back to your face as well. Your consultant, Pia.


Gifts inherent from birth solidify into a rock-solid foundation with years of experience and practice. After extensive engagement with astrology and esotericism, it has become the focal point of my life to compassionately counsel individuals using my clairvoyant abilities, intuition, and life experience. I assist in areas such as relationships, family, career, and finance, guiding towards new paths of love, happiness, and success. Various card decks, angel cards, daily oracles, lucky stones, and pendulums serve as reliable aids. I am here for you and look forward to our conversation. Yours truly, Maleika.


For many years, I've been interpreting the Lenormand cards to provide accurate answers to questions about the present, past, or future for individuals. I'm happy to take a look into your life's book and offer responses to all your queries. With a caring, empathetic, and solution-oriented approach, I'm here to assist you. I look forward to your call!


For 30 years, I've been offering honest future insights with a glimpse into your soul. I utilize Lenormand and Gypsy cards, and my strengths lie in conflict resolution and life guidance. With my knowledge of white magic, I perform protective, healing, and love rituals to dissolve blockages. Wherever you stand, I'll meet you there, and together, hand in hand, we'll walk into the future. Ilona is looking forward to your call.


I acquired my clairvoyance through various life experiences and learned the art of card reading. Maybe things are generally okay for you, but you can't fully enjoy them - does that sound familiar? Often, we deny ourselves things because they contradict our subconscious. The NO blocks us until we allow ourselves and those desired things. Let's attentively examine your situation together. Let's try to achieve what hasn't happened for various reasons before. Let's enjoy the results achieved together.


I welcome you and I'm glad you found me. Life often presents us with puzzles that seem unsolvable. With my cards and great empathy, we can unravel the mysteries of your life. Have faith and call me soon. FIONA.


I am Felicitas, Tarot expert & mystic, with a glimpse into the unseen. It's wonderful that you've found your way to me. I listen empathetically and lovingly, offering immediate help if your soul weeps or you face personal or business-related issues. With my supernatural abilities and life experiences, I provide competent and precise guidance. Do you want to know more about your future? How your partner feels about you? How your children are developing? What lies ahead in your career? How to start your own business? How to increase your income? How to grow spiritually? If you have such or similar questions, call me now! It's an honor for me to offer guidance. I look forward to hearing from you.


Great to have you here. Often, seemingly small things determine our lives and can trigger significant changes. Perhaps now? Born in Romania and an experienced astrologer, I've been reading Tarot cards for over 35 years. Through empathetic and competent interpretations of the cards, I'm here to answer your questions. What does your future hold in terms of love, career, and personal life? Let me lovingly and comprehensively guide you to gain concrete answers and real assistance. Warm regards, Esthella.